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TypeRacer Cheat - How to use extension for Auto Typing

TyperRacer is an award-winning online typing game with multiplayer competitions allowing people to race each-other. The typing lessons came as quotes from movies, books, and songs. It claims to be the first MMO typing game on the internet. So, this game is fun and all if you really want to polish your typing skill to become a ninja typing expert. However, if you are too lazy to break your back and hurt you eyes by typing all day; you can use an extension which i have created to do things for you. This is written in simple JavaScript and it requires an extension called TamperMonkey in your Chrome or Firefox browser. How to step up Auto Typing Tool for TypeRacer So, the first step towards using this cheat will begin with installing the TamperMonkey extension / add-on from Web Store of your concerned browser. I am sharing the direct links for Chrome and Firefox below. Chrome Firefox W

How to get Gold Membership on Nitro Type?

Hello every, here is a small and simple trick for nitro type which will give your nitro type garage page a premium look and will add nitro type gold account features visually . So without any further delay, just do these two things mentioned below to get going with this hack. NT Gold Steps for using Nitro Type Gold Script Install the Tampermonkey extension in Chrome browser. After that, install the script named gold.user.js Refresh you garage page to see the effects This trick is based on alteration of local storage for the game, so here is the clarification regarding its use. This script does not actually give you pro membership, it just makes pages look like you do. If you log into your account on another browser, your account will look normal, without Gold. Extension Choose