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Run / execute not signed and notarized binaries on macOS

Error when running an unsinged binary on macOS Currently, when you download an app, whether it's off the Store or the Web or even from AirDrop, that app is quarantined. If and when you try to open a quarantined app, Gatekeeper checks it for known malware, validates the developer signature to make sure it hasn't been tampered with, makes sure it's allowed to run, for example matches your settings for App Store apps and/or known developer apps, and then double checks with you that you really want to run the app for the first time, that it's not trying to pull a fast one and autorun itself. Following image is the kind of warning you will see when you try to run any unsigned application of macOS Catalina. To suppress this warning, you have to tweak some of your setting which are provided below. Warning: This terminal trick disables important security aspects of Gatekeeper, which leaves your

Simple & Minimalist Blogger Template for Fast Loading and Good SEO - 2021

What are Blogger Templates ? Blogger templates are the easiest way to make your site / blog look more appealing and user friendly. There are lot of default templates provided by blogger itself. On top of that, there are tons of free and paid themes and templates available to you just by a simple google search. However, if you have used such theme in past, you may have realized that these 3rd party custom templates come with a lot of overhead which include tons for dependencies such as external JavaScript from CDNs and heavy fonts. These overheads drops your blogger loading and rendering performance significantly which results in bad scores of Core Web Vital features. Most of the time you doesn't need these fancy fonts and external script because all End User wants is good content and less distractions. Why to use this Light and SEO Optimized theme ? Overcome the above issues of slow speed and lot of unnecessary g

How to take / Withdraw Money Earned through ads from YouTube & Adsense

What is the eligibility for earning withdrawal? Many YouTube content creators start their channel as an amateur adventure. But those who post quality content are rewarded with real money by YouTube from the ads shown on their videos. This money is displayed in Estimated Earning section of YouTube Analysis. At the time of setting up ads on your channel, YouTube takes you to Adsense page which is also a google service for publishers. You have to created a hosted account on Adsense with your e-mail ID. Adsense does not pays you some amount of money every time. There is a minimum threshold set by Adsense amounting to $100.00 which you need earn in order to get paid by Google. If you are reading this article, I am sure that you have already made you Adsense account and have started earning some money. So, let's get started. Transferring the earning from

Resolved: How to fix ads.txt problem of Adsense with Bigrock domain hosted on Blogger

Identifying the ads.txt problem If you have registered your domain from domain providers other than Google domains for example Bigrock, GoDaddy , etc you may run into a problem where your Adsense accounts show a warning stating : Earning at Risk - One or more of your sites does not have an ads.txt file. Fix this now to avoid severe impact to your revenue. When you click on "Action" button, in Adsense, you will be taken to a page where google will tell you specifically that which domain is facing this problem. Resolving this problem for Bigrock Domains hosted on Blogger Every domain provider have their own interface, so the below tutorial might be different. The domain on which I faced this problem was bought from Bigrock and after days of effort, i was able to fix this problem. That's why I decided to share this on my blog. Why ads.txt problem occurs This root cause of this problem is craw